Saturday, 31 August 2013

Patrick Bateman

You may remember that a few weeks ago I was feeling rather creative and was planning on creating some kind of art print...well I didn't. What I did, pretty spare of the moment, was buy a new canvas and some new oil paints. All of my old art material/ equipment was pretty much in fine working order but I decided it'd be best to start from a fresh. Now baring in mind that I hadn't done any proper artwork for a good 5 years, (I studied architecture at uni but I wouldn't consider a lot of it art, not in the same sense anyway) I decided that I'd try and get back in to by doing something relatively simple.

The original image.

Considering that my original idea was to create a kind of spray paint print (which I still intend to do but probably now with a different picture) I thought creating a canvas of the simple photoshop picture I created would be a good opportunity to see if I still had at least some ability left with a paintbrush. All of this decision making was done within about 30 seconds. I was out to the shops and back within about half an hour and got setting up my old easel, which was the only old thing I didn't think needed replacing.

I set up the easel right below the skylight in my bedroom and after an ice cold beer was cracked open (naturally) I sat down, music screaming, and began.

The Setup

First Break.

Second Break.


All in all I think it turned out alright, not perfect but alright.It took about 9hrs in total to do so and I thought it was time well spent. I think my next one will be of another iconic character, perhaps this fella:

Daniel Plainview...


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