Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finally, A Flare of Creativity!

Prints, well, kind of...

Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but what it gives me in experience it lacks in creativity and, considering my background, I should be far more creative than I am at the moment (or have been in the last 9 months or so). I can't remember the last time I put pencil to paper with any proper direction of ideas and if I do find enough spare time to do anything it seems to be spent on something seemingly more important. You know things aren't good when even your mum asks: 'When are you going to start drawing again...'

The majority of pictures on my bedroom wall are my own, in various different styles, and are usually pictures that I've done when I've been feeling pretty creative. I thought I could do with some more but a bit different and a bit quicker to create (pencil drawings can take too long sometimes and I don't have as  much patience as I used to!)

A couple of months ago I got bored, very bored. I decided to see if I could use Photoshop to create some images. I couldn't. So I thought I'd try creating some stark black and white pictures out of various photos and pictures I had on my laptop. Some of them looked shite, some of them looked pretty good. I'm pretty sure that everyone has done this at some point, it really is very easy, and very satisfying when you're finished, though it is a game of perseverance. Here's my first one:

Patrick Bateman. 

The first one was from a DVD case I have, and of a very interesting character. 

They really are too easy to do. Anyway my idea is to print them up on the giant plotter we have at work, take them home, make a stencil out of them and spray paint or brush paint them onto different size canvas, then throw them up on my wall. You see these things all the time in various shops and I'm probably way behind with the times as I usually am but who cares? Why buy them when you can do it yourself and have any image you want, in any colour or style? 

At least I'll be doing something creative, even if for my own well being.


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